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Make Sure You Share These Cybersecurity Tips with Everyone You Know

Make Sure You Share These Cybersecurity Tips with Everyone You Know

Cybersecurity is crucial for everyone to focus on, both in the professional environment and in their personal lives. That’s why I wanted to put together a list of cybersecurity practices you should encourage your team to follow when they aren’t in the office or working remotely, when their time is theirs. 

Make sure you share these points with them, and have them pass on the lessons to those in their lives as well. The more people we can get into a perpetual cybersecurity mindset, the better.

Cybersecurity Tips and Habits Everyone Should Be Following

Take Your Passwords Seriously

I know, I know… it’s always about the passwords. The thing is, there’s a reason for that. Passwords are still the predominant security measure in computing, and it is incredibly important that you are careful and strategic about using them.

Wherever you need to use a password, make sure that you’re using a new one and that it’s sufficiently complex. Avoid using what are known as “dictionary” words, and NEVER use personal details or information as you do so. As much as you might like thinking about Fido the dog or Luna the alpaca every time you have to log into something, a cybercriminal would like how easy it would be to figure that out, too.

While it may seem like a lot, I recommend investing in a standalone password manager and avoiding ones built into Internet browsers. This nifty bit of software helps you manage all the passwords you should be using, protecting them all behind just one you need to remember.

Take Advantage of Multi-Factor Authentication

With more and more accounts now implementing multi-factor authentication as an option, this may be one you’re already familiar with. If you’ve ever been asked to provide a code texted to you as you log in, you’ve experienced MFA.

MFA takes the security offered by the password and elevates it to the next level, requiring something that is much harder (not impossible) for a cybercriminal to get their hands on. Is it a pain? Yes, it is. However, it is also something that will leave you so much safer.

Think About Where You Connect

Again, I get it… data plans are expensive. Unfortunately, a data breach will cost you a lot more. Public Wi-Fi, like that found in restaurants and stores and the like, simply cannot be trusted with any amount of your data. First, cybercriminals have been known to create their own networks and name them something similar to a business’ actual network and see who takes the bait. Second, a cybercriminal could easily just sit and wait on the network to intercept your data.

Instead, we strongly recommend avoiding these kinds of networks at all costs.

Also, Think Before You Click

Cyberthreats frequently hide in the most innocuous of places. For instance, cybercriminals are not afraid to send falsified emails that look like they come from someone else to try and get people to click on dangerous links—sometimes to initiate downloads, sometimes to direct you to completely falsified websites meant to steal your usernames and passwords.

This practice is known as phishing, and it comes in many different forms. Likewise, your response to it should also take many forms. Don’t click unexpected or unknown links, report any spam or junk mail you get, and limit what you share publicly because this is where phishing efforts get a lot of their data.

These are Just the Basics, There’s a Lot More Everyone Should Do

This is especially true of businesses, as they can largely be seen as repositories of data of exactly the kind that cybercriminals want.

Businesses Have an Additional Responsibility to Their Clients and Employees

While cybersecurity is important for everyone, businesses really can’t afford to fall short. Clearmind Technology is here to help. Give us a call at (323) 489-3250 for assistance with your business’ IT, including its security preparations.

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